Saturday, July 6, 2013

We're back!

We have loved being a family of four!  Campbell is growing up so fast!  Our friends just had a baby and Campbell seemed like he was a monster compared to him!  For his 2 month check up he was
  • 23 in. long (30%)
  • weighed 12lbs 11.5 oz (60%)
  • head circumference 15.5 in (20%)
Ashtyn has adjusted to him just great!  She pretty much just ignores hi unless he cries.  Then she is sure to let me know he is crying!  I am surprised she hasn't wanted to pick him up and hold him more because she loves her baby dolls, but it's probably a good thing.  Dave has been really good about giving her extra attention so the transition wasn't as tough for her.

Theresa (my sis) designed his announcements and I LOVE them!

On the 4th, Dave and I decided to run the Freedom 5k.  For most people a 5k isn't a big deal (it's only 3.2 miles) but I am NOT a runner.  As much as I try, I'm just not good at it, and I'm slow!  I was wondering what I got myself into especially since I have this nice baby weight I haven't lost yet.  But we ran the whole time... even though my pace was super slow, I mean there was a 60 year old that I just barely beat!  And a lot of kids beat me, but I was proud! 

I went back to work, only 2 days a week and it has been wonderful.  Just having that extra day home has made a big difference! 

We decided to white wash our fire place.  I love the way it turned out!  It seems like the house is always a work in progress!