Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today is my last day pregnant!  Weird and a little stressful trying to get all the last minute stuff done but I am so excited to meet this little guy.  I know I'm forgetting how much  work a newborn is, but luckily I have a great husband and my parents are close by this time to help with Ashtyn!
I don't know how much of all this Ashtyn comprehends but I want to make this a smooth transition for her.  We got her a little gift from baby Campbell and I've been reading a lot of good articles about how to help your child not resent the baby.  So we'll see how all this goes.  It makes me sad to think that Ashtyn isn't going to be my baby anymore but I love how she loves to be a big girl and good helper for mommy!
Ashtyn is really getting into her baby dolls and the little girly stuff.  She has her baby Belle and has to take her everywhere with her... to the table to eat, to the store, to bed, etc... I actually love it!  So for St. Patricks day, we had to paint our finger nails green.  Even daddy got in on the action!

While we had the finger nail polish out, we decided to make a color wheel since we are learning our colors!