Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

2012 was a really good year for our little family.  Here is my top 5 good things about last year:

5. Work.  My dance teams did really well and Dave is still happy with his job.
4.  Everyone stayed healthy and happy
3.  Going on little family trips to Durango and Utah
2. Watching Ashtyn grow into such a big girl
1.  The best thing about this year was finding out we are expecting a little boy!

I know that 2013 will be even better!

My brother Bryan and his family were able to come down to Texas on Christmas day.  I haven't seen them since I was pregnant with Ashtyn, and since then, he's had another little boy.  We promised to keep in better touch!  It was so fun to be able to hang out with them... especially because I had that week off.  We played lots of games, went to the Aquarium in Galveston and just had a good time!  Ashtyn loved playing with Levi (Lebi, as Ashtyn would say) and Ryder.  She didn't mind sharing her toys with Ryder but we had to tell her to share quite a bit with Levi.  It must be that, "I'm older than you attitude."
On one occasion I heard Levi crying and Ashtyn came running up to me, holding an Oreo that wasn't hers.  She had taken it from him and had already taken a bite!  Little stinker!  (Wonder what it's going to be like when her baby brother comes)  She did get better towards the end!
 We had such a fun Christmas this year!  Ashtyn did really well about not playing with the ornaments and presents under the tree.  We let he open one of her presents on Christmas Eve, her pajamas.... so Christmas morning, she knew exactly what to do!  She ran over by the tree, sat down, grabbed a present and started opening it.  She definitely got spoiled!  Towards the end, on the clothes presents, she wouldn't even open the box... she would just look at it as say "ohhh pretty" and go about playing with her new toys or reaching for the next present!
I got a new sewing machine for my wonderful Davey!  I've been a bit obsessed ever since!  I've already made Ashtyn 2 hats, two skirts with leggings and a dress... told you, obsessed!  Here's a few of the projects I worked on:  Plus, there really cute pics of Ashtyn

 We are starting to potty train... I would love to only have one child in diapers by the time baby boy gets here!