Saturday, March 17, 2012

My baby girl is 15 months! I know I start out all my posts this way but I just can't believe. Ashtyn is no longer a baby... she's a toddler! We go in for her 15 month check up on Tuesday so I'll post the stats after that. I swear everyday she learns something new... she folds her arms for the prayer, LOVES pulling everything out of the drawers (that aren't child proofed), and loves giving hug and kisses. I love this little girl so much!
She's finally starting to get some hair too! Enough that the other day she woke up with bed head. I love getting her up in the morning because she wakes up in such a good mood.
On another note, I decided to open up my etsy shop again! I am selling jersey knit headbands for babies and have already sold quite a few items. So if you get a chance, check it out and "heart" some of my items :) You can even "pin" them! (I'm temporarily sold out of the leg warmers)
Dave has been doing awesome and running a lot. He was training to do the half marathon in Utah with his family the end of April but then I had to go and ruin his plans... My senior hip hop team got a bid to Worlds, so I'm going to Disney World! I'm going to feel a little guilty not taking Ashtyn and Dave, so next time we'll plan a little better and take the fam.