Sunday, January 1, 2012


This year we celebrated Christmas in Utah! It was so nice to spend a little more time with Dave's family. We left Sugar Land on the 21st and got to Utah around 5 pm. Ashtyn was awesome on the flight! We tried to keep her from taking a nap so she would sleep on the plane and it worked! She slept for 2 of the 3 hour flight! When we got to Utah, we stayed at Dave's parents house for the night and headed to Idaho the next morning. We were only there for two nights... so I'm so sorry to all of my Idaho friends for not contacting you but we spent the time with my family. We did Christmas Eve Eve (Dec 23rd) where all of the fam came over and we opened our gifts. Since our family is getting so big and none of us have money :) we decided to do a dollar gift with a story of our childhood behind it instead of drawing names. (My moms idea) It was fun to see what people brought and to hear their story. I brought chocolate milk and told the story of Tanner riding in the car with me when he was about 5 and spilling it all over my car! My car smelled like sour milk from that day forward! Dave brought vanilla car fresheners because that's the scent he had in his car when he would drive up to Idaho to see me every weekend! We headed back to Utah to spend the rest of our vacation! On our way, we stopped in Preston to see Nate and Katie's (Dave's brother) house they just purchased. It was really cute and fun to see them!
Ashtyn in her Christmas outfit!
Later that night, we did a Garrett tradition with his parents and grandparents and went to a nicer restaurant to eat for Christmas Eve. It was a barbeque place and was delicious!!! When we got to the Garrett's home, Ashtyn got to open one present... her Christmas pajamas!!! She didn't quite get the whole gift thing yet but she did like to tear the wrapping paper! On Christmas morning, we opened some presents and then went to church, came back, and Dave's brothers came over. Later that night Angie and Greg and their kids got there from Durango. We were so excited to see them, and their kids really kept Ashtyn entertained! While in Utah, we went to a movie, shopped, ate ALOT, and just spent some quality time with Dave's family. It's always hard to come home after being spoiled and get back to reality!
Christmas eve. Dave's grandpa Glen, John, and Dave.
We also had a chance to hang out with Danny and Stacy and some of Dave's other high school friends. It was so great to chat with them! Little A gained quite the attitude! She knew she had all the kids attention and she loved every minute of it! I think she's pretty bored just hanging out with mom and dad now!
Now it's time to get back to reality now that the holidays are over.... is it too early to start counting down for next Christmas! :)
Ashtyn's new trick :)