Friday, November 9, 2012


Halloween was so much fun this year with Ashtyn!  I was sad we never made it to a pumpkin patch because Ashtyn is obsessed with pumpkins.... but she got to be one for Halloween.  Thanks to Grandma Shelley for the costume!  On Saturday, we went to a Trunk or Treat at our church and Ashtyn loved it!  She loved hanging out with the Staub girls and thinking she was one of the big kids.  For the first car she was a little shy about going up and saying trick or treat but she quickly got over that!
On actual Halloween, we went over to my parents house for soup and so they could see Ashtyn in her costume, and went trick or treating in their neighborhood.  As soon as the door would open, Ashtyn would try to go into the house!  We had a lot of fun with our "lil punkin" this year!