Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Ashtyn had her first Easter Egg hunt last Saturday! She loved it! She would get fascinated with one egg and would spend all of her time trying to open it. She's such a fun age right now! I love how she tries to imitate everything we do. Thanks Grandma Shelley for the cute Easter dress. We found, I mean the Easter bunny brought a perfect matching basket! This girl is into EVERYTHING at the moment! I don't have any decorations in my house that are below knee level. Usually when Ashtyn is quiet, I can find her trying to feed Max his dog food or dipping it into his water. When I went to go check on her, this is what I found! The Easter bunny was good to me and Ashtyn this year. Poor Dave got left out. The Easter Bunny brought Ashtyn a new little dress, two swimsuits and lots of candy! I got a DSLR camera!!!! Ask me how excited I am! SO EXCITED! I've been wanting one of these forever, and I was not disappointed! I got the Cannon Rebel T3. It's a little intimidating though! I've been going through the users manual like a crazy person. I feel like if I'm going to have this nice camera, I want to know how to use it!!! The weather has been amazing here in good ol Sugar Land. We took our first dip in the pool with some friends the other day. I must say Ashtyn was a lot easier to watch in the swimming pool last year. Ashtyn wanted to walk around but didn't understand that the pool dropped off so I had to keep chasing her before she fell off the landing step! She had so much fun with her friends though! I have a feeling it's gonna be a great summer! This little girl LOVES putting on her daddy's hats and her mommas sunglasses. I got her her own pair but she dropped them on one of our walks. My friend Lindsay and I went to a fitness convention (DCAC) last weekend. It was a great time, but man I was dead... and sore! And to think that we do that to ourselves for fun! We went to a BOSU class and at the end, they picked somebody as the MVP, who got a free DVD and CD. Guess who got picked, yours truly :) I was so excited. I don't think it hurt that I wore pink pants!!! I kind of feel like I'm a chicken with my head cut off right now! My senior hip hop team made it to Worlds in Disney World, so I've been doing all of the last minute things to get ready for it! I don't know how I'm going to survive 5 days without my baby girl... oh and Dave :)