Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finally it's a little cold around here. It's February and has been in the high 70's. Maybe it's the Idaho in me, but I like winter to feel like winter! Today it was only 60 and is suppose to stay that way for the next week.
Speaking of cold, poor Ashtyn has a little cold right now :( She's blowing lots of snot bubbles (gross I know) and is starting to get a little cough.
Competitions have taken up my life the last little bit. I love them but I definitely feel run down. This time of year, I cherish my time with my family. I'm glad Dave is such a hands on dad and can take care of Ashtyn by himself all day long! I really appreciate all he does for us!
I went to my first Broadway musical last month! For Christmas, my boss got all the employees tickets to Bring It On.....and it was AMAZING! Definitely did not disappoint! I came home and told Dave that we need to go to more musicals. I love the whole atmosphere... although I'm sure Bring It On had more teenage girls than most! I'm not a very good picture taker. I love having pictures but I forget to pull out my camera... or my iphone! I want a DSLR camera really bad but Dave thinks I won't use it since I have a hard enough time just using my phone. Ok the reason for all of that is because I only have one picture to share :( Isn't she precious!!!