Sunday, August 28, 2011

Don't you just want to squeeze those little legs??? I'm so glad August is almost over! First off, it is so dang hot! I can't handle Houston summer weather! Thank goodness for good air conditioning! I think there were records broke for the hottness this year! Second, August is always crazy busy at my work. We have our Viper choreography during this month and I'm in charge of all the dance parts in the cheer routines plus my hip hop teams! This year my friend Hailey didn't come down :( so I felt a lot more pressure. Enough about me.... Ashtyn is getting to be more fun every day! She's all over the place and definitely a handful! She started to throw a little bit of attitude lately... especially when she is trying to pull the DVDs off the shelf and we move her! Poor Dave, he's had to be out in this heat working! But everything is good for him! We were really sad that the Wards moved this month. Off to Durango Colorado they go! It's been weird - and sad- not to have them here. Just the little things like going over on a Saturday night when we don't really want to go out and do anything but still want to get out of the house! Thank goodness we get to come home for Christmas though!!!