Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy! I just had our huge dance competition in Galveston. It was super fun and my teams did really well! My mini, and youth teams both got 1st(and a National Champion Lettermans Jacket :) My Junior team got 3rd out of 7 and my senior team ended in 4th out of 9. I was very proud of them! Go Vipers! I also started teaching yoga again. I forgot how much I missed the people at the club... and they all seemed happy to have me back! Thanks to Dave's sister Angie for watching Ashtyn until she gets old enough for me to take her into the nursery... 1 more month! Dave's been running at nights when I get home and now he thinks he's a runner! I'm proud of him, he's very dedicated about going, even when I get home late, he will still go. I wish I could go with him, but I've been walking with my friend Chelsea and sometime Jacquelyn. I'm also now part of a Bunko group. We get together one night a month and play, just the girls. We have so much fun, and I've won something both times we done it... the first time I won for the most losses (represent) and last time I won for the most Bunkos! So I went from the biggest loser to the winner! This week is Spring Break for my work....I've really been in a craft mood lately so that's what I'll probably spend my time doing! Here's an Easter wreath I made! Oh one more thing, Ashtyn has started rolling over from her belly to her back! She's done it about six times now!