Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last week we put Ashtyn in her crib in her room. It was a big step! I was really sad to see her leave her pack n play that has been in our room but she did great! She slept really well... wish I could say the same for me and Dave. We were getting up every couple of hours to check on her... even though we have a baby monitor. I also had to start packing away Ashtyn's newborn clothes. She's too big for them now. How sad :( Look at this big girl sitting in her Bumbo! Ashtyn started smiling at us this week also! Dave got a couple of smiles out of her before I did. She first smiled at me this morning at 4 am before I fed her. This smile couldn't be mistaken for gas or anything else! Her eyes were open and and when I started talking to her, she gave me two of the biggest grins! I was so excited, I almost woke up Dave to have a look! P.S. I made the bow and my sister Theresa made the head band! I also went back to work this week. It was a lot of fun to see everyone. I was dreading leaving Ashtyn, but knew she would be in good hands with Dave. I survived the first week but believe me, when Friday rolled around, I was so tired, I didn't get anything done! The sad thing is, I only work three days a week for only five hours... and I was that pooped! I guess I'm out of the habit of standing for that long! "Ahhh help me! Mom keeps dressing me up like I'm some kind of doll!" Look at those cheeks... Don't you just want to squeeze them?!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love the holidays! I think there is nothing better than hanging out with family and friends! This year, my parents and Dave's parents came to Texas! I would like to think it was to see us, but we know it was to see Ashtyn :) They both got in late Christmas night. The next morning was the day we blessed Ashtyn. Our ward was having a stake meeting to rezone the wards, so we blessed Ashtyn in the Relief Society room before church. Dave did an amazing job on the blessing. We decided that Ashtyn would wear my dress that I got blessed in. My mom did a great job keeping it in mint condition! It was nice to have a cozy setting with our close family and friends. For the week the family was here, we didn't have a whole lot of big outings planned, but we did go to the Space center and Traders Market (which is a huge flea market type thing). We watched a lot of football, went for LONG walks (thanks to my dad), and played lots of games! Phase 10 and Sequence were the faves. Ashtyn got really spoiled, being held all the time with lots of hugs and kisses! She also got a fabulous photo session thanks to John! I got spoiled by having my parents watch her while I got ready, and having my house cleaned thanks to my mom! It seems like the week always goes by way too fast when family is here... and then I'm depressed for a couple of days after everyone leaves. My dad and Ashtyn before the blessing Ashtyn with her first doll that Grandpa Frank bought her! Ashtyn had her month check up and is doing great! She is growing like a weed! She is already 10lbs 3 oz and in the 75%. It's crazy how she seems to change everyday! She is such a little noise maker, with all of her grunts and groans! Asthyn's first bath. She loved it! I love how she has her leg hanging over the side!