Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ashtyn's 6 month stats

Where has the time gone? I can't believe my baby is 6 months (actually almost 7... I'm just a little slow posting this!) Ashtyn is so much fun and everyone tells me what a great baby she is! At her last check up she was
Height: 26.5" (75th%) Weight: 15 lbs 11oz (40th%) Head circumference: 16.5" (25th%)
She also had another double ear infection :( Poor baby! She had a little bit of a runny nose but she wasn't acting fussy so I was very shocked that she had these ear infections! Ashtyn has started doing this fake cough. I think it's for attention but it's so cute! She has also started to squeeze her eyes shut when she cries.... things are a little bit exaggerated but that's ok, our little Diva makes us laugh! She hasn't quite started crawling but is real close. She army crawls everywhere and is getting really fast! I take my eye off her for a minute and she's gone! I think that's just gonna get worse before it gets better!!! She'll get on all four's and move her legs, but then she just falls to her belly to get going! Ashtyn has also started eating cereal. I know I started her kind of late but she wasn't fussy and to tell you the truth, I was kind of scared of starting her on cereal. The first couple of days, I think it upset her tummy, but now she's fine! She looks so cute sitting her her high chair! Dave and Ashtyn on Fathers Day Her cute little smile. She has two bottom teeth and I just saw two top teeth coming in. The strange thing is, they're not her front teeth. They're the teeth right next to them! Her new sleeping position....booty in the air!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Talk about busy! First off, Dave had a birthday! Me, being the lame wife and having to work, didn't plan much of a celebration. I guess that means I'm gonna have to do something HUGE for the big 30 next year! I did however make cake balls! Ashtyn got him a couple of much needed shirts. We took Ashtyn to the beach for the first time! She loved it! It was kind of windy, but that didn't stop us! I was so busy making sure that I kept Ashtyn covered with sunscreen that I forgot about myself and fried my shoulders!
The next week, I had off of work so Ashtyn and I headed to Idaho! None of my siblings had met Ashtyn yet, so it was fun showing her off! She was such a great baby traveling. In fact, a man on the way back said she was the best baby he'd ever seen on a plane! I swear I get a little taller every time someone comments on my baby girl! My parents flew with me so it made it super easy! We met up with Dave's parents in SLC for lunch before we made the 4 hour car drive. I was so happy that John and Shelley took time to meet us for lunch! Being the great mom I am, I didn't get any pictures :( John took some though!
Ashtyn had a lot of fun meeting her cousins! I was able to see some great friends and spend some time with them. Before heading to Idaho, a week sounds like such a long time to see everyone, but when I get up there, I always wonder where the week went!
I spent a lot of time with my sister Theresa and her baby Maci. It was so fun just hanging out with them!
My nephew Zak got his mission call and waited to take out his endowments until we were there! It was my first time going through the Rexburg temple. It was so great to be able to go through with the family! Ashtyn got to meet her boyfriend Crew! We didn't even set this picture up. They just grabbed hands!