Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here is week 33! Last Saturday, one of my coworkers (and friend) got married. It was a really beautiful wedding and she looked gorgeous! Here is a pic of some of my other coworkers at the wedding! (I looked too big to post the pic I had with the bride... or with Dave)!

Friday, October 8, 2010

There's no place like home! Dave and I got to go to Salt Lake and Idaho last week. I don't mind traveling but I can definitely see why Dave does! Our flights were full and so Dave had to sit in a middle seat... I had the end and tried to switch him but I don't think he wanted to keep getting up for me to go the restroom! Once we got to Salt Lake, we were waiting for our bags and noticed this one suit case that was in a big plastic bag. We kept thinking that that was a crazy way to pack.... low and behold, Dave's zipper had broke on his bag and so they had shoved it in the plastic bag! Yea, the "white trash" bag was ours! Dave's shoes and clothes were hanging out everywhere! We stayed with Dave's parents the first night and had dinner with his family. It was good to catch up! It was my mom's 60th birthday and my dad had planned for all the kids to be home and surprise her! Most of my family live pretty close except me and my brother. He came down from Washington. It was super fun to watch her reaction. Dave says he's never seen anyone go from a smile to a cry so fast! I was very proud of my dad for planning this! I was happy for the excuse to go home too! It was the only time that my family gets to see my pregnant! (I don't know why I was excited about that... if you know my family at all, you know how sarcastic we are. You don't go around my house to build your self-esteem!!! So I got teased about being huge and having a big behind!) The next day, my sister and friends threw me a baby shower. It was so good to see everyone! Thanks to my family and friends for making the effort to come and see me! Afterwards, we had arranged to get family pictures done... even they will be outdated in two months. It's really hard to get ALL of my family together so we decided we better take advantage of this chance! I'm excited to see how they will turn out! Dave and I also got some pregnancy pictures done.... no bare belly. It seemed like it went way too fast but I was so glad that we were able to go home lone last time before the baby comes! Here's some pics... warning, I have really ballooned lately! I didn't realize how big I'm getting until I start looking at the pics!