Monday, November 9, 2009

Dave and I just got back from a fun little weekend in Denver. One of Dave's old college roommates, Grant, got married. Dave was asked to be an usher so he got to get all dressed up in a tux and help people to their seats. We were able to hang out with Mike, one of Dave's best friends a lot during the weekend. Surprisingly, we were able to hang out with Shannon and Grant as well! I've met Shannon a couple of times and every time I see her, she is so nice and cool! The first night we got in, Dave and I kind of hung out on our own. The next day, we met up with the other guys in the wedding and picked up the tux's. After that, Dave had a rehearsal so I just hung out in the room. After the rehearsal we went to the rehearsal dinner. We went to this place called Gumbos downtown, it was so good! We will definitely have to eat there again next time we go to Denver! I of course, went to take some pictures and didn't have any batteries in my camera! The next day was the wedding. All the guys went to breakfast together and then went back to Grant's house to get ready. Then Dave picked me up for the wedding. Right after the wedding was the reception. It was in the most beautiful place. It was on a golf course, where there were deer just roaming around. For the dinner, we had a Thanksgiving feast. I thought that was so clever being so close to Thanksgiving! Shannon had some family that flew in from Ireland, and there were two girls, ages 9 and 11, who did some traditional Irish dancing at the reception. It was so cool. Dave and I were talking to the dad of the girls and he was telling us that they compete all over Ireland! It looked a lot like Riverdance. The next day, we slept in, and then went shopping! Shannon and Grant met up with us a little later to hang out. It usually seems at weddings, you fly or drive to support the bride and groom but don't really get to see them very much, so it was really nice to be able to spend time with them after the wedding! As you can tell, Dave and I had such a great time on our mini vacation!