Saturday, September 12, 2009

I can't believe it's already September! August definitely kept us busy! With my job, August means choreography camps, which means I got to put in a lot of hours of work! Thank goodness I love my job and have such a patient husband! I got to make up all of the dances for our cheer teams, and then my friend Hailey came down again this year to help me with my hip hop teams. As always, we had sooo much fun! Hailey is six months pregnant but still had more energy than me! All the parents kept commenting on how cute she was with her little belly! We had one day where we didn't have any choreography to do so we had some ideas on what we were going to do that day.... but when it finally rolled around, we were pretty tired so we just stayed close by and did a little shopping! Thanks Hailey for helping me! We decided that Dave could never be a polygamist because he got a little cranky trying to keep me and Hailey happy and fed all week! It didn't help that while Hailey was here, we had a church dance to DJ. Dave went on time and Hailey and I got there a couple of hours later. The cord had a short in it, so Dave had to hold it the right way all night, or the music would stop! Dave LOVES that calling!(sarcasm) I knew August was going to be a hard month so I prepared, but then last week, I must have let my guard down... I came up with Shingles!!! And as most people know, I get it on my face, not a pretty site! And, I didn't have any pills, so by the time I got to the doctor, which was the next day, it had spread and looked pretty nasty. I would post of a picture of it, but nobody wants to see that! I am excited for the September weather here in Sugar Land! It has started cooling down enough that I can take my dog for a walk outside again after 8 am! Hooray!