Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wow! Almost a whole month since my last post! My long awaited trip to Florida has come and gone but we definitely made the most of it! I was so excited that my mom was able to come and it was so nice to have her there! We had lots of mom and daughter time! I was on a different schedule than my dance girls because of all the meetings and extra things that I had to go to. It was nice to know that my mom would be waiting for me and then we could spend the day together! If she wouldn't have been there, I would have spent a lot of time alone! As far as the competition, my girls did really good! We were a small team going up against teams that had around 30 people. And I'm talking about boys twirling on their heads and doing all these crazy tricks! Needless to say that we didn't make finals but we were all so proud to even just be there! Another exciting experience I had last week...I was called in for my first time to sub! The funny thing is, is that I'm not even on the sub list! At one time I started going through the steps to become a sub but then decided against it. My friend Kim was subbing for a grade school and called me last Friday. She said they were desperate for subs and asked if I could come in. After talking to the principal I decided I would come in. I get to the school and find out that there were around 26 teachers and aids that had called in sick! When I got there, I was hoping that I would be put in a 3rd grade class or older, but no, I get asked to help with Kindergarten! There was an aid that was filling in until they found a teacher, and I asked her if there was a lesson plan. She said, "No, you can just read to them or something". Five hours with five year olds and nothing to do!!! I found the Magic School Bus online and had them watch that after I read to them... 4 1/2 hours to go! I finally asked another kindergarten teacher what her plans were for the day and she thankfully gave me some worksheets and ideas! It was definitely not a great subbing experience! The kids were cute and MOST of them were really good. I don't think I want that experience any time soon again! Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! Thanks to our moms for being so great! We love you!