Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh Sugar Sugar

After we got back to Texas, we made a 6 hour drive to New Orleans. It was all worth it though! We got to go to the Sugar Bowl with Angie, Greg, Brevan, Connor, Mark and Angie. Dave and I received some Ute gear for Christmas so we were ready to go support them! On our way down, I forgot my purse in a Subway that we stopped at for lunch about an hour out of New Orleans. Luckily, the ladies that worked there called my mom and she called Dave's phone when we were about a half an hour away. I felt sooo bad that we had to turn around! But leave it to me to do something like that! We got to New Orleans and had a couple of hours to walk around and grab something to eat. We went to Bourbon street to see the sites and we decided that that street wasn't the most family friendly. Dave said that he had smelled locker rooms and urinals that smelled better! He also got a certificate from some random lady. The certificate was the Party Pooper award for being too handsome, girl watching, and not partying hard enough. I guess Dave just stands out in a crowd! We got to the game and realized we were badly outnumbered. And our seats were by a mixed crowd. We were lucky enough to have some drunk college students rooting for Alabama right in front of us! They were so annoying! Luckily they quieted down, because we were ahead the WHOLE time! The first touchdown the Utes made, Dave made sure to be nice and loud right behind them! At the end of the game, they were not very happy and Dave almost got in a fight! It was good times! I'm actually glad we sat where we were because it made the victory that much sweeter!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas in Idaho

We had such a great vacation in Utah and Idaho! I was getting so home sick! We started driving on a Thursday night at around 8:00pm... as soon as I got off work, and drove straight through. It actually wasn't that bad of a drive except for the last 100 miles. We hit a blizzard as we were going through Soldier Summit just after Price Utah, which had us driving at 30 mph. We were so ready to get out of the car when we finally got to Dave's parents house 27 hours later! We were able to spend a couple of days in Utah and got to visit with Dave's family. It was nice to see everyone. We got to see Dave's grandparents, brother Tony and Megan, and got to spend time with Shelley and John. While there, we had John take some pictures of us! On Sunday, we were off to Idaho! Almost all of my family came over for Sunday dinner! Max was a little overwhelmed but he soon got use to all of the ruckus! I got to go on the annual shopping trip with my sisters and my dad for search of presents for my mom. I was really happy they waited for me! I also got to see my friend Aricca and get my hair done! I meant to take pictures but... you know. We also went to dinner with Clint and Chelsey... again no picture! I wanted to get together with all of my friends but due to the bad roads, we will have to plan something next time! On the day after Christmas, my sister Theresa and I learned how to use our new sewing machines and made aprons! I am so not good at sewing and I would never have figured it out without my mom but they actually turned out really well! I loved spending time with the fam! We had so much fun and it was just nice to have some layed back days and kick it with the parents! It makes me wish we didn't live so far away... but it makes it more special when we visit! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!