Sunday, June 28, 2009

The last few weeks have been busy... and hot! I don't see how Dave can work outside! It's been around 100 degrees but with the heat index it feels like 107! Now I'm not complaining because I get to work inside but Dave is another story! Every time I talk to him, he gets a big talkin to about drinking lots of water and taking it easy! A few weeks ago, I was a leader at Girls Camp at Camp Cho-yeh. It was actually really fun! We called it lodging instead of camping because we got to stay in hotel like rooms. It was so hot that it's kind of a necessity... there is no way I could stay in a tent down here. Even though we were in rooms, we still found lots of bugs. We got to go rock climbing and zip lining, and there was a fun lake we played in too! We really have some great girls in our ward and it was fun to get to know them better! It was fun having my friend Amber up there too! We were pretty much attached at the hip the whole time! The next week, I had to run a dance camp at work during the day. It was very refreshing to get to teach other forms of dance other than hip hop all the time... but I was dead tired at the end of the week! Every day I meant to bring my camera, and I ended up going the whole week without getting one picture! I'm really glad to have next week be normal! Oh one more thing! I started an etsy shop! So if you get a minute, check it out!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday Boy and going home

Dave turned the big 2-7 on May 25th... yep Memorial Day! We had a pretty lazy weekend but we did go to Galveston to the beach. Of course we went the day it rained but it actually felt really good! We went with Angie and Greg's family, Mark and Angie, and a friend of theirs. I have a feeling I'm going to be dragging Dave to the beach a lot this summer! For Dave's present, I told him to get the windows of the car tinted, the funny thing about that is, that was suppose to be my birthday present about four years ago!