Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time for Flip Flops

Why am I posting a picture of my feet? No it's not to point out the veins, or the flower... I went a got a pedicure the other day! Oh how I love pedicures! I love having someone pamper me while I just sit there. For all of my Sugar land friends, I went to Nails by Yen off of Highway 6 and they are AMAZING! They give you a nice little foot and leg massage, a soda, and I felt like they really take their time to do a good job! The best part is that it's only $21! Well worth it! I also have started a new hobby... as my boss would say.. of course I have! (for some reason she thinks that I do everything- I tell her it's because I grew up in a small town) Anyways, the other day, I went to this store and saw the cutest flip flops with all these rhinestone and conchos. I LOVED them... until I saw the price! They were $150-$300!!! Can you believe it?! So I started thinking that I could make my own. So that is my new thing! The pair I am wearing is one of them that I have made! It's so fun to put a little bling on things! But now I have so many, and I want to make more so I am thinking of maybe opening up an account on ETSY. (A place where you can sell home made things) Is that dumb? On another note, I leave for Florida to take my team to Dance Worlds this week! I am so excited! The best part is my mom's coming! I'm excited to spend some time with her... in DISNEY WORLD! Dave's job has kept him pretty busy lately! He has started going in to work at 5am! I don't know how he does it! I don't even hear the alarm or hear him leave in the morning! He also is going to start personal training at my gym, pretty much so we can see each other a little bit at nights! I'm glad he's going to start that up, because he's so knowledgeable and good when it comes to weight lifting! We hope everyone had a Happy Easter!