Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Hair cut

So I decided I get bored easily! Especially when it comes to my hair! I went in to get my hair highlighted and came home with a new do! I think I really like it! It's only been two days so it's still fun and different. I decided I would post these pictures so my "peeps" in Idaho could see it... since it doesn't look like I'm going to be coming home in March :( On another note... I'm going to Florida! My senior hip hop team got a partial paid bid to go to dance worlds! I am so excited! I had no clue in my first year taking over the hip hop program that we would get invited to such a prestigious competition and have half of it paid for!!! For Christmas, Dave got me a new table and chair set! So here is pictures of it! It's the table height kind!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, I've been racking my brain so I can talk about how exciting our lives are... but it's not working. We go to work and go to bed! Thank goodness for church basketball and the Super bowl! Dave was asked to play on our church basketball tournament. The problem is, last time Dave played church basketball, everyone got to see Dave's competitive side, or should I say not so nice side! From what I've heard from his family, church basketball has never been a good thing for Dave! So before he went to play we had a talk. Just a simple reminder that there is no need to take things seriously and to have a good time! Well he did it! He came home not having to call and apologize to anyone! The team even called him to come and play the next day! (Dave is going to love this post! I just know it!) Although he had a lot of fun, he has been soooo sore the last couple of days. It's no fun getting older! For the super bowl, we headed over to Greg and Angie's house. I was so proud of myself because I made this sausage dip that actually tasted good! I wish I was blessed with my mom's cooking skills but I'm not. It was a really good game for the most part but sitting that long watching it wasn't going to happen. Angie and I decided to go up and try out the wii fit! It is so much fun! I loved the hula hoop and yoga! For this picture we were all suppose to pose like we were really getting into the game... but I guess nobody else got the memo! I'm such a poser!