Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh the places we have been

The last couple of weeks have been pretty eventful. Last week my boss at Victory Vipers asked if Dave and I wanted to go see the Houston Dynamos play. I had no clue who they were but come to find out, they are Houston's professional Soccer team. And they were going to be playing David Beckham's team! I didn't hesitate to tell her we would go! After we arrived at the game, we found out David Beckham was hurt and didn't come! I was upset but we still had a great time! So that means I have now been to a professional soccer, baseball and basketball game. I guess the next one we need to see is a professional football game! My boss Vicki, the world champion Tumbler Jose(coworker), and me Looking for David Beckham This week, I drug Dave along to our first cheer competition. Our girls that were doing individuals were the only ones who went, not our whole team. The competition was in San Antonio so we left Saturday around 1pm (after I had to work) and drove up there. We hit the San Marcos outlet malls and spent way too much money and then we spent the night at my co worker's (kim's) mom's house. The competition started the next day at 5pm! So needless to say, we didn't make it home until 2am and poor Dave had to wake up at 5 to go to work! I was glad he came with me and he was such a good sport about carrying the radio, my jacket, my purse...We smuggled in some candy and that seemed to keep Dave in a good mood!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So you think you can dance

Guess what I did last night? I went to the So you think you can dance tour. It was so much fun! I went with some of the same people I went with last year... there was Angie, Angie, Janice and me! We left a little early and went and ate a Mexican Restaurant. It was just fun to have good company and to have a little GNO (Girl's night out).
Dave recently made a trip up to Idaho to go see some of his old football buddies and to watch ISU get spanked. How sad! I told him to take pictures, gave him a camera and everything and do you think he came home with any? No! I guess he doesn't understand that I need pictures to post on the blog! It sounds like he had fun! It was a very layed back weekend for him.
Then there was me, I had to work all weekend but I also went to my boss's house on Saturday night, after work, and we had a taco party! We made taco's and watched Madonna and Brittany Spears tour video. It was a lot of fun! It's fun when you like the people you work with!