Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been tagged!

I am: Woman hear me roar! I think: about the future I know: how to dance I want: a lot of money! I have: a lot of clothes I dislike: spiders I miss: my family I fear: someone getting hurt I feel: like I have a head cold I hear: football on the TV I smell: a candle I crave: usually ice cream but today, fruit! I cry: when I get frusturated I usually: wear sweats I search: the internet I wonder: if I will live in Sugarland forever I regret: not knowing how to play the piano I love: Dave I care: about Max I always: brush my teeth at night! I worry: about Max being left home alone I am not: Quiet I remember: today is my brothers birthday I believe: in miracles I dance: at work I sing: with my ipod I dont always: make my bed I argue: not very much I write: on my blog I win: at leg wrestling I lose:at arguing with Dave or my mom I wish: I was a little bit taller... I listen: to hip hop (for work) I dont understand: how some people don't like chocolate! I can usually be found: at TJ Maxx I am scared: of hurricanes! I need: a new pair of shoes I forget: where I put my phone I am happy: most of the time I tag: Angie, mom, and Amber

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Houston we have a problem!

So we made it through our first hurricane! It was pretty exciting, but I started getting really nervous around 8 pm. The hurricane was suppose to hit around 2 am and that's all that was on TV. So the more I would watch and listen about it, the more scared I would get! Well I stayed awake until about 1 and then I couldn't keep my eyes open! So I slept through the best part....who does that! We lost power at around 3 am so that's about when Dave tried to get some sleep. The next morning, we looked outside and I couldn't believe the damage. I thought we had made it through pretty good but outside there were so many trees and power lines down! We got pretty lucky because we were only out of power for about a half a day but some people still don't have power! Angie and Greg didn't get power until Tuesday night so they stayed at our house a couple nights. It was like a big sleepover... we enjoyed having them here!
The pictures don't really do the storm any justic but you can see all of the branches and trees down. Our mail box almost didn't make it! I went to the grocery store a couple of days later and it was so strange! There was nothing in produce or the freezer and refridgerator part of the store. All I wanted was some ice cream! Gas was a disaster as well! There were huge lines to fill up.
We finally got our TV, internet and phone service today! I didn't realize how much I like my computer until we didn't have the internet for a week! I feel guilty even complaining about that when some people still don't even have power!
The funny thing is... one of the first things I thought of when I woke up on Saturday was how I misspelled bored on my last blog and I didn't even know how long it was going to be until I could fix it! I'm lame!
I couldn't believe how fast people started working on their yards and cleaning up after the storm. The hurricane came through early Saturday and by that afternoon, people we trying to put all of the branches and things in a pile!
The church didn't have power on Sunday, so instead of the meetings, the men went around the community and did service like chopping down trees and helping people who needed help. I thought that was pretty cool! Dave has been working very hard chopping down trees and has a HUGE bruise on his hamstring to prove it! So while I have had the week off, making cards and cleaning my house, Dave has been getting his sevice points in for the year! What a good man I married!
Going through this really makes you realize how important it is to be prepared. We have a pretty good start on our food storage and our 72 hour kit but I realized, I might have a can of dried beans, but what do I do with them? I don't know how to cook them! If I had to do this hurricane thing over again, I think I would make sure I had more batteries and maybe things like powdered milk in my food storage.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike aramba!

Well it looks like we will be going through my first hurricane! I'm a little nervous but then the morbid side of me is kind of excited to go through a natural disaster! We stocked up on our food storage, our flashlights, and we boarded up some of our windows... so I think we're ready. This morning I went outside to let Max out and our neighbors were talking about being prepared for tornadoes afterward. I didn't even think about that! We've been keeping a close eye on the news and they told us that if you were not in a mandatory evacuation zip code, you were a bad person if you tried to leave! Well maybe they didn't say it quite like that but they made it very clear that we should shelter in place so that we didn't hold up the people who had to get out of dodge!
Yesterday Dave and I decided to go get Taco Bell and were surprised to see that all of the gas stations were out of gas! Luckily I fueled up the day before. We also ran to the grocery store because we were craving toaster stuedels and it was amazing to see how bare the shelves were. There was no water or ice left! Another thing that was going fast was generators. Dave said that by his office, a truck full of them pulled up and they were all sold out within an hour.
Who knows, we might not have power so I decided I would update the blog and let all of you Idahoans in on our crazy situation! Plus, we've been home all day because nothing is open and I'm getting kind of board. I've already checked my blog about 5 times today... I told you I was board!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I just went home... again last week and loved every minute of it! I think I have been home about 7 times since we have lived here. I got to see a few of my friends and all of my brothers and sisters this time! I went to Pocatello for a day and got to see Nikki, Hailey and Danielle. I was glad I got to spend a little bit of time with them! I was bummed that I didn't get any pictures. After I left, I wanted to kick myself because I wouldn't have any pictures to put on my blog! There were so many other people I wanted to see but I only spent one day in Poky. Next time I will try to see some of my other friends as well! On the Saturday before I left, we went and floated the river. It was so much fun other than the fact that I thought my mom was going to drown. She fell out of her tube and my poor brother was trying to help her back in. You know how most people get in a tube... well my mom was holding onto me and my tube and tried to put her feet in first. Needless to say that that didn't work! After many tries, and laughs, we finally got mom back in her tube! Bryan was trying to hold on to mom to make sure she wouldn't drown which was really nice of him but mom had about 5 little bruises on her arm the next day! We had so much fun obviously... it was a little chilly for me though. I guess I'm getting use to this Texas heat!
Me and my sis Theresa before we got in the river!
Mom fallling out of her tube!