Sunday, August 24, 2008

My friend Hailey came to visit us this week! We had sooo much fun. She came to help me choreograph some hip hop routines so we ended up working a lot.... and shopping a lot! Hailey flew in on Friday and left on Wednesday, in which I did not go to bed before 1 am on any of those nights! We seriously acted like a couple of school girls excited to see each other and I don't think we ever stopped talking! Poor Dave!
I was so happy to share my life down here with one of my home friends! And to have her see where I work and the people I work with! She kept saying it was so hot down here... I guess I've adjusted because I didn't think it felt that bad! I definetely miss all of my good friends back home! So you are all welcome to visit anytime you like!
On one of our shopping sprees, I picked out a shirt for Hailey and she picked one out for me! I found an 80's rocker shirt for her and she found one with a crown on it for me!
On another one of our shopping sprees we got matching sweaters! I know, we're nerds!
Ok Dave was trying to take a nap and Max kept sitting on his head!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A year goes so fast!

A year ago from now is when Dave and I were traveling for 34 hours to make Texas our new home! I can't believe it's been a year! I thought for sure last year at this time that I was going to hate it down here and make Dave take me back to Idaho in six months! Although I do miss my family and friends, the Texas move has really been a good little adventure! I've made some great friends down here, we both have a good job and we were able to get a puppy! Luckily Dave let's me go home whenever I get a chance so that helps with the home sick business!
This past weekend, at my work, we had a guest Choreographer come to teach some of the routines to our cheerleaders. Come to find out, he is the coach for the Long Beach dance team, who we (Bengal Dancers) competed against in Florida. I was proud to say I danced for ISU... mainly because we beat Long Beach every year! Go Bengals! He was a great guy though and had some fabulous ideas for the cheer team! I just had to toot my own horn for a little bit!
I have the greatest boss in the world. The other day I was talking about how I wanted a beach cruiser and guess what they gave me as a thank you gift... a beach cruiser! I am still so stoked about I just need to get a basket so Max can ride with me!