Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last weekend, Dave and I got to MC the youth church dance. I'm not gonna lie, we were dreading it a little because first of all, we had no clue what we were doing! We were given a list of songs that they had played before at the dances which helped out but a lot of them were outdated! So we were on a mission to making this a fun dance with fun music. Then we realized, there is not a lot of songs out there that are clean enough to use for a church dance! I had to listen to everything I added twice! Do you know how embarrassing it would have been to have a song playing and then have the bishop come and tell us it was inappropriate? Yea so we made sure that wouldn't happen! All in all it ended up being a pretty fun night. I thought Dave and I would be able to dance a little but we kept pretty busy! I made Dave do all the talking because he's the funny clever one! There was a table with a group of boys not dancing, so Dave gets on the microphone and says, "It's girls choice and these boys over here may look like thunder but they're pure honey!" It was pretty cute, and all the boys got asked to dance! I guess we have to MC 3 or 4 other dances this year. Now that we have the first one out of the way, it won't be so bad!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A True Yogi!

I was looking at my schedule and I realized I am becoming quite the yogi! I teach 3 yoga classes a week plus I have just discovered Bikram (hot) yoga. So I am literally doing between 3-5 yoga classes a week! Go me! I have really decided that I like this Hot Yoga. You do it in a room that is about 106 degrees and you just sweat like crazy. It looks like you are in the shower. The first class I did, I didn't think I liked it because it is sooo uncomfortable. I had to sit down a lot because I would get so naseaus! The second class I went to went a lot better. I guess the reason people come back is because you really do just feel so good afterwards. So if you have a chance to try a Bikram class, try it! But you have to go at least twice! I finally feel like I am becoming a good yoga teacher. Yoga has always been a little harder for me to teach because it's suppose to be calming, and I'm not a calm person- but who knows, maybe I'm finally becoming a true yogi! New things that are happening to us: I got a job at a cheerleading gym! I am teaching tumbling and helping with the all star teams. I love it! I love working with young girls and helping them develop a talent that way! Right now I am only doing Tuesday nights until AIG is done and then I will decide how many nights I want to do! Dave and I have been asked to MC the youth church dances! I guess they think we are cool or something. We have them all fooled! Our first one is on Saturday. I think it will be fun! The boys in our ward wanted Dave to teach them how to lift weights so we had about 10 High School boys over last Wednesday. He does such a good job on that kind of thing and I think he gave them a little motivation! He really should be a coach!